Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So Many Dames They Demanded Their Own Exhibit

As part of a class project, I (LP) with my group, created an online exhibit at the DPLA about aviatrixes profiling women figures in early aviation up through the era of the WASP. I worked mostly on the Daredevil section of the exhibit but also on some of the text about the aspects of planes of the era, but everyone in my group did great!

Obviously I included the Dame formerly profiled, Bessie Coleman. God DAMN I love that picture, she's got such a sly grin on her face.

Unfortunately there were practically no public domain photos of Pancho Barnes, or I would have absolutely profiled her, BUT in the group shot of the participants of the Powder Puff Derby she's visible, puffing away on her cigar. And fortunately I got to hand the profiling of Jackie Cochran off to one of my classmates as I doubt I could have been terribly impartial since though she help started the WASP, she sold out women in aviation down the line as profiled in a later podcast.

I think that's all the different links handled, go check it out!
Here it is!